and power banks that are on sale for Labor Day

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2020 Watch flamingos filter feed underwater.
Today I learned: Flamingos feed with their heads upside down and that their beaks are adapted for this purpose.  This essay on flamingo feeding from Stanford explains: In most birds a smaller lower beak works against a larger upper one.
In flamingos this is reversed; the lower bill is much larger and stronger, and the fat tongue runs within the bill’s deep central groove.
To complete the jaw reversal, unlike other birds (and mammals) the upper jaw is not rigidly fixed to the skull.
Consequently, with the bird’s head upside down during feeding the upper bill moves up and down, permitting the flamingo’s jaws to work ‘normally.’ Part of the flamingo’s filter feeding is accomplished simply by swinging the head back and forth and letting the water flow through the bill.
The tongue also can be used as a pump to pass water through the bill’s strainer more efficiently .
It moves quickly fore and aft in its groove, sucking water in through the filter as it pulls backward, and expelling it from the beak as it pushes forward.
The tongue may repeat its cycle up to four times a second.

This neat underwater video from the San Diego Zoo shows this “filter feeding” in action

(Neatorama, .

Everlasting Blort) screengrab via San Diego Zoo SHARE / TWEET / COMMENTS

Flamingo / moment of zen / pink flamingos.
GET THE BOING BOING NEWSLETTER The surprisingly soothe sounds of San Francisco’s fog horns and surf (1987).
8ØHÐ · 1987 San Francisco Surf and Foghorns This 1987 field recording of the San Francisco Bay’s surf meshed with the sound of four separate foghorns surprised me.
I found it to be more calming than alarming.
8ØHÐ: In the late ’80s, .

My dad recorded the foghorns of San Francisco on tape for my mother


#Corgi cuteness: Watch this happy corgi dog spin for 60 seconds

It’s a real life Corgi hamster wheel


Solidarity at the NJ ICE protest

When dozens of Jewish activists were preparing to be arrested for blocking the ICE facility in Elizabeth, NJ, they heard singing and shofars — as dozens and dozens more arrived to join the [email protected] #JewsAgainstICE#NeverAgainMeansNeverAgain — John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) July 1, 2019 A group of young protestors, many of whom appear to be Jewish, […] READ THE REST .
From robot vacs to window washers, .

These Labor Day deals will have you feeling so fresh and clean

While Labor Day is a moment to solemnly consider the role that work serves in all of our lives, there are certain workers among us who will not benefit from a day of celebration and reflection.
Robot vacuums, you just keep working like normal this weekend.
Look, it’s not that we don’t appreciate you.
Stock up on 20 premium cables, chargers, and power banks that are on sale for Labor Day.
Whenever you happen to need a charging cable or a power battery…hey, wait a minute, where did that go.
Between the house, your vehicle and all those evildoers that blatantly steal your stuff (otherwise known as family, friends and co-workers), it’s tough to keep track of where all your tech accessories are at a moment’s […] READ THE REST.
Marvel fans, .

You can use the Infinity Gauntlet to perform its most important task ever

It’s already one of the most iconic items in film history.
Unless you’ve been off-world for the past few years, .

You already know all about the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet

It’s the weapon wielded by the Mad Titan Thanos in his quest to reshape the cosmos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, .

Culminating in a heart-stopping smackdown […] READ THE REST

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