it can lead to lapses or even a tragic […] READ THE REST

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2020 Maker builds Aquaman”s water-blasting trident.
Mere humans can never harness the sea, .

But the Hacksmith had fun making Aquaman”s trident with a few tweaks

While his generates impressive 800 psi water pressure, its capacity is limited, and the gold required would have cost over 2.2 million dollars.
Next best thing, though.

We need an Aquaman powerwasher attachment to make those jobs even more satisfying

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GET THE BOING BOING NEWSLETTER Watch this maker build a gorgeous cedar strip canoe.
Xyla Foxlin and her uncle take just 30 days to create a cedar strip canoe reminiscent of summers with her aunt and uncle.
The next 30 days were spend adding the varnish.
She says: I”ve been paddling the Adirondacks in cedar strip canoes with my aunt and uncle for as long as I can remember, […] READ THE REST.
Watch how to make a small forge with a coffee can and common kitchen ingredients.
If you have a medium-sized metal can, flour, corn starch, powdered sugar, baking soda, and maybe some borax, you can make a small forge that will work with a standard soft flame torch found at any hardware store.
NightHawkInLight was able to place a small crucible inside and melt aluminum scraps in just five minutes.
The guy standing behind this invisibility shield made a few improvements.
YouTuber Randomonium decided to build his own invisibility shield after seeing some examples online.
Based on his field testing, he was able to make a few improvements.
FYI this was the video from Quantum Stealth that inspired him (previously at BB): Image: YouTube / Randomonium READ THE REST.
If you”ve been looking to grab an electric longboard this one is on sale for $100 off.
In case you haven”t tried an electric board before, know this — it”s not a toy.
With 2800 watts of power, the beefy 36V, .

4.4 Ah battery propels the Flowdeck X at a respectably speedy 20 mph with real stability

In fact, .

The motors have so much zip that they can easily shoot a rider […] READ THE REST

This car mount provides wireless charging to keep you on course during all your trips.
In the U.
S., 32 states currently have either restrictions or an outright ban on driving with a smartphone in your hand.
Whether you”re talking, texting or looking up directions, using your phone while you drive is distracted driving — and no matter how skilled you are, it can lead to lapses or even a tragic […] READ THE REST.
The Adobe Creative Cloud is the center of the creative universe and this training can help you master it.
When you”re the king, someone is always coming for your crown.
Nowhere is that more true than in the tech sector, where a perennial favorite like Adobe and their insanely popular Creative Cloud app suite have to keep innovating to stay on top of the digital media creation software game.

Keeping abreast of changes and […] READ THE REST

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